Lost in Translation

Just imagine for a moment that you enter a McDonald's with antojo for a Mcflurry and you're not sure which to get so you review the flavors. Let's see, Oreo, M&M, strawberry... Milch? 

I don't know about you but the word "milch" in my mind sounds like everything I wouldn't want mixed into a McFlurry.

Just thinking about it makes me wanna milch.

(According to this website, Milch is a famous chocolate bar here in Mexico with pieces of hazelnut and rice.)


Anonymous said...

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Xolotl said...

Yes, Milch is a brand of candy bar here in Mexico. It takes its name from "milk chocolate" in Dutch or German; traditional Mexican chocolate is not prepared with milk.

If you're looking to make fun of Mexican brand names, our most popular sandwich bread is called Bimbo. If you mentioned Milch because gringo consumers would find it unappetizing, I recommend you to the orange soda made by Perrier, Pschitt. (The "p" is silent.)

Saludos desde Tijuana. Aquí empieza la patria.