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My time in Bowling Green, Ohio came to an end this week on Monday, the 11th and admittedly I was a little sad to say goodbye ...not so much to the town but maybe to the memories of the house on 518 Leroy Avenue, my roommates with whom I spent my year abroad in Guadalajara, friends that I made while studying in Alcalá de Henares, Spain during the summer of 2007 and those I met back on the campus of BGSU.  It feels as though many things have came full circle in my life, such as returning back to Alcalá last summer and living with the host-family that hosted me 4 years ago, being back here in D.C. to pick up Mike for our road trip back to Tucson and, lastly, my Fulbright grant which will take me back to México, albeit a different region.  Moreover, today I ate lunch with Alma Luisa, an old friend from Tucson and former CatCrew partner, who currently is employed with a women's hispanic magazine.  On my way back I ran into my friend Genesis' ex-boyfriend Chris who looked completely different from what I remember (I met them while I was attending American University Fall Semester of 2005).  It just seems that a lot of things are taking on a theme of repetition, and not in a bad way.  Definitely, I could picture myself living in D.C. and I'll keep it in mind after finishing my grant in Acapulco. 
So our road trip officially begins tomorrow morning, the 16th of August, 2008, as we head off to Atlanta, Georgia to stay with my friend Tre for two nights.  This is a city to which I have never had the luxury of visiting.  I look forward to experiencing it, especially since Tre has talked it up so much.  Hopefully, I can provide photos to post to perhaps convince others of what I conclude about the city.

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you look gigantic in our old kitchen.

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